Road Trip

We arrived in Chicago around 4pm and got a ride from Steve and his family at the airport. We decided to brave the cross-town rush hour traffic to go visit Justin and see his place in Chicago while we had the chance. His place was fantastic, all open and natural light with a view of downtown. The actual drive from Chicago to Michigan to on a while due to massive amounts of road construction. Steve drove with Lesley leading. Some of the highlights were a toll road that cost $1.80 (we paid in mostly dimes) and a freeway on ramp that made a 540 degree turn (two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do?)

We arrived at the hotel at about 1 am, central time having forgotten that we were now in eastern time. We decided that we should grab the continental breakfast and head out by 9 am, which have us about 6 hours and less than any of us were expecting. The moral of the story is to turn off your alarm when traveling.

We stopped into a dunkin donuts 24 hour drive through to grab some of their fancy advertised iced coffee. Being from California and loving our fancy coffee we didn't really like the their offering, but probably with time. The best part was that we ordered a jelly donut and since it was the middle of the night, the guy gave us extra ones just cause he wasn't going to sell them. Yay free donuts!