Albuquerque 2013

We headed to Albuquerque to visit site Charlie’s grandparents on Eli’s side. The drive has been good so far, and we’ve spent 6 hours on the road already since surprise Arizona. We really have the best kid.

We passed through flagstaff and I think if I had to pick a part of Arizona to live in, it would be there. The pine forest was nice and more green than anywhere I’ve been in Arizona so far. I wonder what a few hundred acres of forest in high AZ costs.

It’s been so nice to see the family so far. I got to introduce my brother Scott to Charlie and they got along well (who doesn’t like Charlie?). We’re stopped at a taco bell in the middle of hwy 40, getting some lunch and letting Charlie not be in his little baby prison seat. He’s been so good, I hope the drive back on Saturday is as nice.