Usual life in Zancudo

We’ve been here in Costa Rica for about a week now and we’re starting to get a routine. One of my favorite things about staying so long in a foreign country is that it starts to feel like you live there. The biggest difference between Zancudo and home is ease of access to everything.

I wish I had better information about what life would be like here, I could have planned a lot better. Zancudo is so far from everything that despite the amazing house, neighbors, etc., it feels more like camping than hotel. The corner store is a walk away, but VERY pricey and the selection is very limited. We’re starting to branch out a bit, Today we have the bagel lady delivering a 6 pack of garlic bagels to us. They’re freshly made this morning and we’re really excited!

We’ve been taking my work lunch breaks at the beach because, why not? It’s a 5 minute walk and we just pack a little picnic. After lunch, a little swim, then back to the grind, definitely something I could get used to.

The weather lately has been “tropical perfect” That is, sunny during the day and stormy at night. I love the rain, but it’s nice to see the sun and be able to dry our laundry on the line. I can’t really complain about anything, the bugs are a little bitey but I think that’s normal in a swamp. I hope we get better video of the little Jesús lizards in the ponds.