United Airlines – Best Airline Ever

When we landed in Chicago, we had a big carry on full of liquid, and we had to go to another terminal and so had to go back through security . But, you can’t bring liquid through security.. Air Lingus told us that there was no way we would be able to bring the stuff we purchased at the airport in Dublin through to United Air. So we hurried to try and check it if possible, figuring we might have to buy a suitcase, and pay to check it. If they even had suitcases available, and would let us check it. Well, not only did they let us check it, they gave us a box. And padding, and taped it up with fragile stickers. On top of that, they didn’t even charge us. On the way to the gate we bought a pretzel that was only supposed to come with one topping, but they lady gave us the other one too, yay! Then at the gate the lady changed our seats so Morgan could have more leg room, and then put us together, and then didn’t charge us 90 bucks for the upgrade! Inside the plane, there was a backup in the line and we were stuck waiting by the flight attendant's kitchen, we smiled, at them and the guy said here you go, and handed me a bonus cup of juice! I got to watch Captain America and the Green Lantern, which I wanted to see, but not enough to pay for, and our fragile box was waiting for us when we came out. Now we are riding the BART home instead of paying the hundred dollar cab fare. And now, we are home safe and sound!