Thinking about traveling... reminds me of traveling

Travel planning can be stressful! I’ve taken on the responsibility of putting this trip together, since it was my idea in the first place. Phileas is along for the ride so to speak. But there are SO MANY OPTIONS! I don’t want to miss out on anything!

But.. remembering back to previous trips, I’m happy to have done all of them. I wouldn’t trade even the more harrowing moments for anything.

So, I need to remember to relax when planning this one.. even though I want it to be the best trip ever, stressing isn’t really the way to achieve it. Every detail doesn’t have to be “right” to make it a great trip. Sometimes it’s the things we don’t plan for, that turn out the most worthwhile..

With a deep breath and a break from scouring the internets for everythingtopossiblydoeverwhileonatriptoIreland, I present you with My travels!

A quickie rundown:

Age 6 months – Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic – visiting family
Age 2 –  New York – visiting family
Age 11 – Dominican Republic – visiting family
Age 12 – Washington DC – for history class field trip
Age 13 – Brazil, Peru, and Columbia – to see the world before becoming a horrible teenager.
Age 16 – Canada – for choir competition
Age 17 – Florida – to visit family
Age 18 – New York – to visit Family
Age 19 – New York – funeral
Age 19 – Texas – friends
Age 19 - Alaska - vacation
Age 20 – New Orleans – moved for 7 months
Age 22 – Los Angeles – for work
Age 23 – Florida – Wedding
Age 24 – Florida – for work
Age 26 – Florida – Funeral
Age 26 – Long Beach – change in life

Age 28 – Oakland -change in life
Age 28- New Mexico – family
Age 28 – New york – family
Age 28 – Arizona – family
Age 28 – New York – funeral
Age 29 -*IRELAND*

Looks like I’ve done a lot more traveling in the last year than I remembered. Not all of it for happy reasons, but all worthwhile.

I am looking forward to a family reunion with for my Tia’s 65th bday in the Dominican republic.

Well, back to cold pizza and planning!