Thanksgiving in Arizona with the Pre-In-laws

Arizona is about a 12 hour drive from our place in Oakland.. We left after I finished work, (and finished packing) at around 7or 830pm.. We drove all night. I kept trying to think of the drive like I did in Ireland, all scenery. ..and that worked sometimes. But really, it’s pretty flat and brown. Or  maybe that’s just because of the extra hour an a half in LA...

At least the company was  nice, if a little sleepy. One day we will stop arguing about driving in the left lane the whole time.. haha

We made it in one piece, and it was as I remembered it,

new looking and pretty with stones and cactus decorations everywhere instead of grass. Everything kind of adobe colored.

It is nice to see how different the styles are from California to Arizona.

The was a pool at hi parents house, but it was much to cold to go into, sadly..  but there was a hot-tub TOO. and that was great.

The next day when thanksgiving rolled around lazily, my parents came over to visit and cook, and they brought their big galloping puppy dog, Rosco, to play with all the other animals.

Everybody seemed to get along well,  Cats, Dogs, and Parents. Once I was stuffed as full as I could be on marshmallow topped yams. I also had turkey and pie and stuff...

Had  a great time seeing everyone together, including a brother of Morgan’s I hadn’t met yet, and his wife, home from the military.

I had to catch a flight back home the next day to get to work on time, so I missed getting to see his other brother and his husband, but a few days later, all the siblings got together up north. (and I got to play “magic” for the first time.)

I do have to say, the plane  was much nicer than the car ride, and I didn’t envy my fancy-boyfriend-fiance the drive home.
Here we are though, safe and sound. He is headed home from work as I type, and bringing me a meatball sub. It doesn’t get much better than that!

I am looking forward to making the Christmas trip down to orange county to see my half of the family! Only 7 hours. After Arizona, it will be a snap.