State of the Morgan 2014

I loved having birthdays when I was a kid. I’m pretty sure this doesn’t make me unique, but I carried this a bit too far into my adulthood. I held dear the idea that a birthday was going to be the best day ever. This lasted until I made a series of poor choices and ended up on the receiving end of their consequences. Since then, I’ve shied away from celebrating my birthday, wanting to ensure that I make good decisions. Again, I feel that I may have carried that too far as well. Birthdays, like most things in life, seem to need work to make them awesome. Now, I have a wife to help me with making better decisions. She supports me and my crazy ideas, and helps me plan even when I’m reluctant and afraid.

This birthday has already been one of the more memorable ones in the last 10 years. I’ve received two thoughtful gifts that I will cherish for years to come as well as so many warm wishes from friends that I can’t help but sit here and smile, thankful in the knowing of how lucky I am. My life is good, my family is awesome, and I have no complaints. Thanks, world for helping to make me a better person as often as I can stand.