Today! Horseback riding over beaches, bogs, and freeways! ! It was so great, then we checked in to the beautiful castle Markree.

It is PHENOMENAL. Just to get to reception we had to go through hallways and archways and up two flight of stairs. They was a lift, but then you would have missed the chandeliers and animal heads on the wall. Our room had champagne and strawberries waiting. (I planned ahead) and a view of the garden and fountains.

15 minutes to dinner, and I’m pretty excited for hot food. the riding was over really beautiful scenery of course.. You can’t beat climbing up hills and running down them on horseback. Over sand and rocks and in the water, I loved it but it sure was cold!! ..and 2 hours long. By the time we were done, I could barely feel my feet!

Back at the castle we warmed up by crawling over every inch we could find. They told us that the castle was our castle for the night and we took them at their word. hidden stair cases, rooms under stairs, secret churches. We opened every unlocked door we found, and climb every set of stairs in the place.. And we even talked the front desk/barman/cook into letting us borrow the key to the very top attic room. Number 32. so we could take a look.

It was super fun!

Delicious dinner, then a pint in the hotel bar where we met some guests from London there to film Irish hotspots for a promotional video. They filled us in on the hotel ghost stories.

Apparently in the room next to ours someone jumped out a window with his daughter in his arms, or… killed his 6 kids? This castle was the kind to make you unsure whether or not you believe in ghost stories… haha.

But we lived through the night, and are headed for Northern Ireland. So, we will have to switch from euros to pounds! A couple in a restaurant told us how they didn’t know about the change over, and they couldn’t find any where to eat because no one would  take cards or euros! So to gain pounds, we will have to gain pounds?