Life’s a beach

Every day during Morgan’s lunch break we go down to the beach for a little swim. The water is so nice, but the waves are kicking my butt, I’m so ungainly! It’s hard on my back to stand in the crashing waves and get pulled by the current. Still awesome, don’t get me wrong, just not as easy as I remember!

Morgan found a little hermit crab friend the other day, he kept picking it up to see its little legs come out, and I think he secretly wanted to keep it. He also caught a cricket on the sand. He can catch everything! It’s some kind of super power..

We washed our laundry! I got this shot of our clothes drying, just before the line snapped.  We fixed it though, no harm done!

We had dinner down the road at Coloso, It’s a pretty fancy restaurant for this one road (dirt) town. It has printed menus and décor! also, the food is great.

We ordered a pizza from a lady down the street, “Yo soy Ellie Sullivan” She delivered it on a scooter with her helper sat behind her holding the deliveries, and her little grandson riding along beside them on his bicycle. Turns out she also makes bagels, we ordered garlic bagels, and it was a good choice! So, we ordered cinnamon rolls for the next morning.

It makes the whole day exciting knowing that tomorrow you have a special food delivery coming. It is such a treat. The rolls did not disappoint. Yum!

Every night we get a crazier storm than the night before. It us really lovely to listen to the sound of the storm while inside working away.

We also get a little show from the lizards who show up to eat the moths drawn to our light!

Morgan prefers to work from his rocking chair, and I’ve finally successfully written my own crochet pattern combing two other people’s that I liked certain parts of, and adding in some new bits. I love them! The ones I created are the bitty blue converse. C for Charlie!

Charlie is kicking me higher and higher, maybe he’s figured out how to turn upside down? I felt some behind my belly button that were pretty intense, and even a couple under my ribs..  Also, they don’t hurt, but my feet are swollen! I can’t see the bones in them, they are little fat sausage feet!

I also got bitten by a wasp as we walked back out to the street! I didn’t even know there was one on me, til my shoulder started to burn like crazy! ahh! Luckily, it was a short walk home to put some ice on it, and it feels much better.

Tomorrow is Saturday, and the egg man will be coming with fresh eggs! Also, no more work week for Morgan! We can go exploring further out. I am pretty excited to go find souvenirs! Yaaaay, shopping, haha.