Jet Blue, Thy Name is So-So

Well, that was an experiment in futility. I decided that because I’d never flown JetBlue before that I’d give it a shot. The people weren’t the nicest, the terminal wasn’t the nicest, the price wasn’t the best, but hey, people say it’s great right?

Yes, the seat was slightly bigger than the normal economy seats I’ve sat in, and they assured me at the gate that I’d be fine. And, to be fair, when I got off the plane, the pilot did ask me how I did, as he had been there for the initial talk to the lady behind the counter. I didn’t have the heart to ask him “Ever sat in a seat with too little legroom for an hour?”

Ultimately, I shouldn’t really complain about this too much. Tall people get breaks in various places and plane flights are one of the ways in which we pay for it, but it’s not just an inconvenience to me. The person in front of me is incapable of reclining when my knees can’t move out of the way. The person next to me often has a knee that encroaches on their space. It’s in everyone’s best interest to treat me as handicapped and just seat me in a bulkhead.