Holidays! Down South

Today we are headed back up the coast.

We are coming from a holiday trip to visit family in Southern California. We spent Christmas Eve and Day In Costa Mesa. It was nice to be back there. I knew where everything was, and even if I didn’t, chances are it was within a 15 mile radius. Everything in that town revolves around three main streets. Harbor,

Newport Blvd, and 17th street. Everyone lived worked, shopped and dined, right around there.

We visited out favorite revolving sushi bar twice, and had home cooked breakfast from Carl and my sister. We skyped my mom who was snowed in in New Mexico, and had a great time trying out the taco trucks at the Orange County fairgrounds. The music was loud, the company was good, and the food was typical for food trucks. Pretty good.

Morgan liked the fried chicken slider with mashed potatoes and gravy on it. I enjoyed the PB & J with sliced bananas slider, though I’m pretty sure I can just buy some Hawaiian bread and make then at home. Maybe I will..

We also went over to Joshua tree to sneak in a side visit to Morgan’s frailly who was in the area visiting his brother. It was a tiny dusty town, but it seemed cute enough, There was a pretty darn good NY pizza place. Their large pizza really was LARGE.

After a day, we went back to Orange County to squeeze in more friends, babies and relatives, and then headed up to Hollywood to see Danielle and Anne. We went to the farmers market there and enjoyed some salty caramel lattes, and though the crepe place smelled amazing, the line was pretty long so we got some Greek food that was YUMMY. and Maybe healthier. We have decided to make January 6 pack ab Wish us luck.

Leaving Hollywood around 1pm, the traffic was smooth and since we made excellent time, we stopped off in Solvang. It had very cute architecture, but  it was very touristy. Lots of older people with grandkids, people with cameras, and overpriced junk. We did pop into a cuckoo clock shop with an overly helpful woman opening every jewelry case we passed. She made us a little cuckoo. Also, there was a Danish pastry shop that smelled like a cross between a gym and a chocolate shop. We left without tasting..

Next stop is San Luis Obispo to see Stephanie and have some dinner on the way home. We left a little earlier than planned, but I think it will be nice to be home on New Year’s night. :)

Happy New Year everyone! Any good resolutions out there?