Giant’s Causeway

Was absolutely my favorite scenic location so far.

We tried to go to the Bushmills distillery, but we were 5 minutes too late. They wouldn’t even let us in the gift shop. Sad face

Or GPS system shut down down though as soon as we cruised over into modern Ireland, so that was… Fun? Ahem. We found our hotel.. and our room was really lavender!  But very comfy. Actually it was pretty. The hotel was very nice. food was good too, and they had a photo album of the hotel being built up from this old derelict..

They let us sneak behind the bar to take the short cut to our room. One thing I have noticed here is that a lot of the shower heads are up really tall, so Morgan thinks he isn’t going to have to duck to get his head wet, but then sneakily, some of the bath tubs are way taller on the inside, so you get fooled.

Ballyrobin country hotel did have a raised tub, but the shower was still the highest so far.. the Irish must be used to the feeling of rain!

In the morning, we got up early and headed to Belfast. We both think so far, that the towns are not as cute and the people not as friendly as the south. It seems a bit gloomy over here in the uk. But, maybe its just ’cause we got up early..

We are checked in and about to take a nap, shop maybe that will give us a fresh perspective.