Galway Squared!

Two days in Galway! At the Eyre Square

Hotel. It wad am okay hotel... Like many of the places we stayed, it had a double bed and a twin. Galway is similar to Dublin. One way streets.  So we spent a good chunk of time searching for the parking lot... of our hotel... It was separate. Then we got some food. And passed out. It was a nice little place with terrific sea chowder.

The next day, we backtracked to the Cliffs of Moher. Beautiful!! Morgan convinced me to go over the “Danger you will die fence” and we got some fantastic views.  I was waiting to be arrested, but sure enough no one came. But I did fall of a cliff and die. Superman saved me though.

On the way home despite the signs that said *food all day*, we couldn’t find any. We ended up at the Irish arms. Good food With a very charming host. He even did his best to make me a white Russian. I’ve been able to get a few of those, though when I once tried to order a whiskey sour, I got the strangest look. Like I was psychotic. Ha. After that we caught a showing of Real Steel. The movie was okay. Hugh Jackman was hot. Fun fight scenes. Then back to our room to sleep. All that hiking and falling off cliffs makes you tired I guess.