Hello, hello! Yesterday we drove all the way back into Dublin, to a little place called clontarf.

We tried to stop in a couple malls on the way to do some shopping, but they were not open till 1 or 2  because it was Sunday! I guess everyone was in church? Eventually we made made our way to castle clontarf, where we stayed the night. It was different from the last castle.. much more trendy, and fancy. But not so original. The first was may have been a but crumbly but it had real charm. This one is just another hotel.. with castle designs. It’s still cool, but the other one is definitely my favorite. Though this one is the biggest bed we have come across and maybe the most comfortable. I have to day, I suspected this country would not be Morgan sized but DANG. Corridors, doors, chairs, beds, showers.. lotta laughing ans making due . This was the days place he could stretch out. Today we plan to see the historical hill of Tara. A site associated with king ship rituals. There is a stone of destiny. If a wouldbe king fulfilled all of his challenges, and was a true king, when torched by him, the stone world let out 3 ringing roars that could be heard all throughout Ireland.

And then possibly  to the Jameson factory.

It strange to think that this is our last real day here. Tomorrow we leave for Chicago. How will I ever adjust to driving on the other side of the again? Where will I find jeffer cakes? At least I get to keep the fiance  I found here.