At first we thought Belfast was kinda boring. Not a lot of shops.. we got a nap in. Then we went out for Thai food (sticky rise dessert!) and found a club of young people dancing and drinking.. we kept looking cause the club scene is not really our thing. Pop music.. meh. We found a little club called “The Royal.”

It looked closed from the outside, but once we pushed through the doors, disco lights and lounge music blaring, or was a while different place. We ordered drinks at the bar, but the bartender understood me a lot better than Morgan, for whatever reason. Then people started to say things like... been here before? And grin. turns out it was a super local bar and everyone knew everyone. They were all impressed with Morgan’s height and we made lots of friends. We sat down at a table and just kept making friends. they wanted to give us the thumbs up, know where we were from, tell us they had been to Vegas. All of them.. haha. Them the music changed to karaoke. Again, ALL country and oldies. Amazing. Then this guy who looked like a mob don waved us over and garbled at us. he was taking our hands and thumb-upping us so we kept smiling. And nodding. Colin bought us a shot of whiskey each, and was very friendly. Edmond was very drunk but very friendly, and Alex “hurricane” Higgins, the people’s champ of pool was all over the walls. On our way out, we couldn’t leave because the owner insisted on buying us more whisky. What the heck, why not? He apparently loves Vegas, bud light lime in alUMInum cans, and Americans.

Everyone was great and I spent the whole time laughing and smiling. Also! I met a lovely may in the bathroom. 40s ? Mini dress and tights . She was running the extra risk of tying paper around her hand in case there wasn’t amount in the stalls. (seemed like a smart idea to me.. I followed suit) she smiled at me, then started to Bang on the door and yell. “hurry up girls”!! At the two stalls. Then she started to dance a little and banged and yelled again “Hey! Get the fuck out of there! I can’t hold it anymore !” Bang bang bang. She ended up knowing both girls, or being drunk enough to smack them on the shoulders. When I came out, she had her door open, while in full view , and said “Jaysus you’re fast! I’m still going.” I told her I was afraid to keep anyone waiting! It was awesome. The cabby we rode home with ended up being a best mate of the son of the guy who owned the pub. He showed us pics of his three month old son. It was a fantastic evening. Morgan’s Irish accent gets stronger when he’s been drinking, by the way. Haha.. goodnight!